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No Floridian should be crushed by costly medical expenses. That is why we need to make critical investments in healthcare so that people can afford to live in our community without worrying about paying their medical bills.


Small businesses are the cornerstone of all of our local communities, and we need to find ways to invest in growing small businesses to allow for innovation and entrepreneurship. We must fix our unemployment system so that it is not set up to fail and improve paid leave laws. We can find ways to keep taxes low, while also caring for our whole economy.

Gun Violence

Floridians without a criminal or mental health history should be able to own a gun. That right is protected by the 2nd Amendment. But people across Florida are dying of gun violence, and we need to keep our communities safe. That means passing common-sense reforms like universal background checks for guns and ammunition, an assault weapons ban, and an end to the gun show loophole.

Clean Water

We must take up the challenges of our water quality issues, from wastewater management to Everglades restoration, to ensure all Floridians have access to clean drinking water.

Public Schools

For too long Florida’s public schools have been overlooked and underfunded, diverting resources to charter schools instead. Our public school teachers and support staff deserve wage increases. It’s time to help struggling schools, give teachers the raise they deserve, and invest in school security.

Tolls and Transportation

Our district’s only artery to the rest of the county is the Florida Turnpike toll road. Our community is the heart of the working class, and we should find ways to lessen the financial burden of commuting. That means looking at our toll structure and mass transit system to find solutions.

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