Ricky Junquera for Florida House District 118

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Top Priorities


No Floridian should be crushed by costly medical expenses, and we need to make critical investments in healthcare so that people can afford to live in our community without worrying about paying their medical bills.


Small businesses are the cornerstone of all of our local communities, and we need to find ways to invest in growing small businesses to allow for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Gun Violence

Floridians without a criminal or mental health history should be able to own a gun, and this means common-sense reforms like universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and an end to the gun show loophole.

“We are our parents’ American Dream, but the American Dream is getting harder to achieve. That needs to change.”

Ricky Junquera

Meet Ricky Junquera

Ricky Junquera is a Regional Press Secretary for Sierra Club, Vice Chair of the Miami Dade Democratic Party, a proud Cuban American son, and a dedicated community activist. Throughout his career, Ricky has worked tirelessly to improve the community in which he was born. He is running for better health outcomes for his mother, and better economic outcomes for his working class community. Ricky considers himself blessed to have been raised in Southwest Miami-Dade and to be running to represent the community that means so much to him.

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